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About me

Andreas Guillot obtained his Master's degree in Computer Networks and Embedded Systems from the University of Strasbourg in August 2018. He is now working on his Ph.D. degree at the University of Strasbourg under the supervision of Cristel Pelsser and Fabrice Theoleyre on the development of a secured workflow.
He also worked on the detection of outages using Internet Background Radiation (report, slides) and on the analysis of control plane messages (report).


  1. PhD student

    Subject: Development of a secured workflow.
    Research interests: security, privacy, distributed systems, workflow management.
    Supervisors: Cristel Pelsser and Fabrice Theoleyre on the development of a secured workflow.

  1. Research Assistant (Network Research Group, ICube, Strasbourg and Internet Initiative Japan, Tokyo)

    Internet Background Radiation and Outage Detection (report):
    State-of-the-art of outage detection. Analyzed Internet Background Radiation traffic to passively detect outages from a single vantage point using time series analysis and forecasting. Supervised by Cristel Pelsser, Pascal Merindol, and Romain Fontugne.

  2. Research Assistant (Network Research Group, ICube, Strasbourg)

    Towards a hybrid approach for monitoring IP networks (report):
    Studied and analyzed methods from both passive and active monitoring; state-of-the-art of network monitoring. Study on how the analysis of control plane messages could provide insight into a network's state. Classification of updates into network events to reconstruct the network's topological evolution. Supervised by Pascal Merindol.

  1. Internship in a research team (Network Research Group, ICube, Strasbourg)

    Analyzed routing data such as multi-paths or control-plane messages to model an ISP's network topology at any given time, and computed the shortest paths on these topologies to infer the forwarding-plane.


  1. Introduction to programming in Python (Master's degree in Geography)

    Variables, conditions, loops, functions, basic data structures.

  2. Networks and Protocols (Bachelor's degree in Comp. Sci.)

    Introduction to network administration on Juniper routers: IPv4, IPv6, OSPF, VLAN.

  3. Data Structures I (Bachelor's degree in Comp. Sci.)

    C programming of data structures such as stacks, queues or lists.


  1. Internet Measurement and Political Science IMAPS 2018

    Presentation: Detecting outages using unsolicited traffic and SARIMA (slides)

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